21 in Spanish | What is Twenty One in Spanish?

21 in Spanish

Are you wondering what 21 is in Spanish? The answer is ‘Veintiuno’.

Veintiuno is the Spanish word for 21, and it is used in Spanish-speaking countries around the world. If you’re learning Spanish or traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, it’s important to understand how to say the numbers in Spanish. In this blog post, we will explore what 21 is in Spanish, as well as the rules for forming larger numbers in the language.

Number 21 in Spanish

21 in Spanish is veintiuno, pronounced ‘vaynt-ee-oo-no’. Veintiuno is a combination of two words: veinte (twenty) and uno (one). Together, these two words mean twenty-one. In Spanish, the way to express numbers between 21 and 29 is to say “veinti-” followed by the number it’s between. For example, twenty-two is veintidos, twenty-three is veintitres, twenty-four is veinticuatro, etc. The number Twenty One in Spanish is a great example of how the language works to make larger numbers more manageable.

The word Veintiuno

In Spanish, the number 21 is referred to as veintiuno. The word veintiuno is a combination of the words veinte (twenty) and uno (one). The number Twenty One is unique in that it is one of the few numbers that is not composed of two words that are combined. In Spanish, all other numbers above twenty use the base word of veinte and then adding the appropriate suffix.

For example, the number twenty-five is veinticinco and the number forty-three is cuarenta y tres. The only other number which uses two words is the number eleven, which is once.

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